Itching or burning.
Breast is firmer than usual.
Breast feels warm to the touch.
Ridges and thickened areas of the skin.
Change in sensation of the breast or nipple.
Breast lump or mass – very large or very small.
Pain – from a constant discomfort to stabbing pains.


A change in the size or shape of the breast.
Veins on the surface of the breast become more prominent.


Depression – dimple in the skin.
Skin has a thick, pitted appearance. like the peel of an orange.
A change in the color of the skin of the breast. May look like a Bruise!


Nipple flattened or inverted.
Nipple discharge – fluid other than breast milk.
A change in the texture or color of the nipple or the pigmented area (areola) around the nipple. It often appears crusted, scaly, and puckered.

If you have one of these symptoms call your doctor immediately!