Breast Model 
Palpation Instructions

How to use the breast model
1. The best way is to lay on your back and put the model 
in the middle of your chest.
     just above or below 
 your breasts.
    You can hold it with one hand while practicing with 
 the other.
2. Put the model on a table and follow the directions below.

The A on the model should be on your left side.
The B on your right side.
Use the middle 3 fingers
Put them together and keep them flat.

Extremely important:

3 Pressure levels
   Go over each area using 3 different levels of pressure 
to feel all the breast tissue.
   A. Light pressure – to feel the tissue closest to the skin.
        A soft touch barely move the top layer of the skin.
   B. Medium pressure – feel the middle part of the breast.
   C. Firm pressure – feel the base of the breast tissue 
closest to the ribs.

Let’s start
The model may need a very firm pressure in order to 
feel the simulated tumors.
Make very small dime size circles on the A.
Make circles on the B.
The texture under B is called nodularity.

That is normal tissue.

Peel back the bottom of the model

You should see 5 lumps
1. Find the pink lump.
    Cover the bottom of the model.
    Put model on your chest or table and palpate over 
the pink lump until you feel it.
2. Find the red lump.
    Palpate. As you increase 
 pressure you will feel the nodularity.
    With more pressure you will feel the lump.
3. Locate the Tan lump and palpate it.
4. Find the white lump. Try to feel it with one finger.
You have to follow the 3 levels of pressure until 
 you can feel it.
5. Locate the Brown lump under the nipple.
Practice until you feel it.

Feeling pattern – stripes or vertical or linear
Move your hand in overlapping small(dime-sized) 
circular motions, in an up and down pattern.

Never remove your hand from the model during 
the examination.last steps with the model
Do a full exam on the model.

Try to find all 5 lumps without looking.

Do it once with each hand.

Now you are ready to do a thorough check on 
your own body.
For the visual and nipple instructions go to:

The breast model got to you by funds provided by other people.

Please consider donating whatever you can, so we can reach more women.