My name is Elaine and I was diagnosed with breast cancer on Monday, August 2, 2004.
I had my first mammogram on Friday, July 30. I was  43 years old. I have no history of breast cancer in my family. I figured it was time to get a baseline mammogram.

My gynecologist felt no lump, in June, at my annual check up. I felt no lump. But low and behold, there was a mass. When they did the mammogram and told me I needed to wait to have an ultrasound. I did not realize that this was a flag. I thought nothing of it. I went home and had a great weekend. At this time, May 22, 2005, it feels like that was the last weekend of an innocence and freedom. Because, lord knows, all hell broke loose on that Monday morning. I remember hearing an unfamiliar tone in my  gynecologists voice that morning on the phone. I still wonder what that different tone was. Was it guilt for not feeling the mass? Was it trepidation at having to put out this news? Was I her first breast cancer diagnosis? There was something in her voice. I am not sure what it was, but it was there. And so it goes.