It all started in 1998 when I was just 33 years old.
One morning after getting out of the shower I detected a hard little mass on the outside of my left breast. I checked and it felt very hard and round. The same morning I called my Family Physician to get an appointment for him to look at it.
The Nurse called me back and asked what was going on and after explaining to her why I thought I had to see the doctor right away, she told me that someone my age wouldn’t get Breast Cancer. She told me to stop drinking coffee and start taking Vitamin E tablets. It would go away by itself.

I knew something was wrong! My sister was diagnosed when she was only 27 years old. I finally was able to see my OB/GYN the same week. He did an exam, sent me to have a Mammogram and an Ultra Sound done. When he called me a few days later he told me that they are sure it is nothing. All test showed NO Sign of cancer. He thought I should just have that mass taken out if it bothered me, so he referred me to a Breast Surgeon.
He left that decision up to me. This Surgeon decided to do a breast biopsy. He agreed with the findings and with my age he thought the chances were very slim that it was cancer. I had the biopsy done about 5 weeks after I first discovered the Lump. I could tell it was growing fast. I did get the phone call with the results that it was a very aggressive and fast growing cancer on the day of my 34th birthday. What a present!

I was scheduled for surgery, chemo and radiation. Had I not be doing Self Exams and insisted on seeing a Doctor when I found something that EVERYBODY told me was nothing I would be dead today. I had a recurrence last July. I believe because it all took so long to be diagnosed and treated it had time to grow so much. I had all kind of tests done this month and I can see that as of right now I am cancer free.

I hope my story can convince you to trust your body and check yourself every month. I don’t care what anybody says: if I had not found that tumor myself, nobody else would have in time.